it all started with...

The Jeanerette Landmark Society, in it’s infancy, was chartered September 2002. As the landscape of Jeanerette was changing precious landmarks were being lost. A group of community leaders decided to create the society to preserve, restore and maintain our heritage.

The first landmark the society chose, and the catalyst for the creation of the society was the Harry B. Hewes home, a two and a half story Eastlake Victorian home, in danger of destruction. Mr. Hewes was one of the founders and owners of the Jeanerette Lumber and Single Company, which for almost 40 years was a major supplier of red cypress lumber for the nation and a major employer in the community of Jeanerette.

The pictures below document the history of the company, the men who harvested the logs from the Atchafalaya Basin, and the evolution of the Harry B. Hewes home from 1897 to present day.