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The Jeanerette Landmark Society, in it’s infancy, was chartered September 2002. As the landscape of Jeanerette was changing precious landmarks were being lost. A group of community leaders decided to create the society to preserve, restore and maintain our heritage.

The first landmark the society chose, and the catalyst for the creation of the society was the Harry B. Hewes home, a two and a half story Eastlake Victorian home, in danger of destruction. Mr. Hewes was one of the founders and owners of the Jeanerette Lumber and Single Company, which for almost 40 years was a major supplier of red cypress lumber for the nation and a major employer in the community of Jeanerette.

The pictures below document the history of the company, the men who harvested the logs from the Atchafalaya Basin, and the evolution of the Harry B. Hewes home from 1897 to present day.


Meet Our Board of Directors

The Jeanerette Landmarks Society Board of Directors is made up of volunteers in the community who believe in our mission and who are working hard to preserve the history for future generations.


Raymond E. Allain


Louis Lancon

Vice President

Alice White Bodin


Ronald Sovine


Linda Freeman


Mary Kay Allain

Board Member


Kevin Bacala


Dana H. Bourgeois



Aquicline Rener-Arnold

Board Member


We need people like you

There is more to volunteering than giving back. Have you ever considered how volunteering can help you? From honing professional skills to expanding your network, volunteering can be a win-win for both you and the people you serve. Rolling up your sleeves and donating time and energy can make a positive difference in your community and in your life.
Here are a few reasons volunteering can help you too:


Let volunteering fuel your passion

Feeling bogged down in your daily routine? Do something you love.

Learn new skills

Volunteering can help develop new skills. Professional development isn’t limited to workday hours; volunteering is the perfect way to challenge yourself. Add volunteer experience to your resume.

Expand your network

Meet other like-minded people who support our cause and make personal and professional connections. Helping our organization could provide a more fulfilling way to network. 



Every penny counts

We recognize with grateful appreciation all who have contributed to our success.


(donations met or exceeded $5,000)

Raymond and Rebecca Allain
J. Clark & Eleanor M. Akers
William & JoAnn Akers
Dana and John Bourgeois
Dr. David and Sandy Silas

Cox Communications, Inc.
Flowerree Foundation
Jeanerette First National Bank
Ann Flowerree

John Hewes Flowerree
Robert E. Flowerree, Jr.
Frank Beaullieu, Sr. L.L.C.
Reily Foundation

Pat Beaullieu Family
Paul Allain
Charles Thibodeaux
Neal Shelton


Arthur Verret (2002-2011)
Jacques Larroque (2002-2008)
Peggy Parker (2002-2007)
Peter Patout (2002-2004)

Paula Louviere (2002-2003)
Tommy Granger (2002-2013)
George McJunkins (2002-2013)
Pat O'Brien (2004-2004)

Hugh Junca (2004-2006)
Andre "Red" Rosamond (2009-2013)
Michelle A. Bishop (2010-2010)
Gerard Eldridge (2010-2011)

($1k Donation)

Mary K. Allain
Raymond & Rebecca Allain
Virginia Allain Traylor
Mrs. Wilbur L. Sr. Allain
Wilbur L. Allain, Jr.
Elton Beaullieu, Jr.
William Bellefontaine
Dr. Barrow & Mary Bourgeois  
Mrs. Charles Cyr
Nellie L. Derise

Coy Fitch
Claire Fitzpatrick
David Flowerree
Elaine D. Flowerree
Robert E. Flowerree, Jr.
Soames Stewart Flowerree
G. A., Jr. & Kay D. Fortier  
Robert L. & Mary Fay L. Freshley
Bill & Barbara Allain Fuhrer
Donovan and Gail Garcia

Robert Guillotte
Rosemary H. Hargroder
Larry Hasten
Mike Hasten
Mrs. Ronald R. Hebert, Sr.
Carl and Desiree Hasten Issac
Wayne M. Labiche
Geraldine Larroque
Mr. & Mrs. Jacques Larroque
Fabian & Patricia A. LeMaire

Dr. and Mrs. Mike Lorio
Eldridge & Paula Cyr Louviere
George & Rae McJunkin
Loretta Beaullieu Richard
Mr. & Mrs. Neal Shelton
Judge Cameron & Tia Simmons
Nanine Simmons
Edward & Virginia Smith
Ellen F. Woods

(annual $100 donation)

Robert Hewes Abernathy
Bret Allain
Christopher J. Allain
Dr. Gregory M. Allain
Larry K. Allain
Mary K. Allain
Paul J. Allain
Raymond E. Allain, Jr.
Richard S. Allain
Mrs. Robert L. Allain
Steven M. Allain
Donnie & Kay Aprill
Robert W. Auerbach
Jennifer Allain Bakale
Lisa Barras
John F. Bellefontaine
Winifred Williamson Beuerman
Cecil Beyt
Clint & Michelle Bishop
Mrs. Don Bishop
Lucinda Y. Bishop
Alice Bodin
Calvin Bodin
Betsy Barrow Bourgeois
Butch Bourgeois
Dana Bourgeois
John Bourgeois    
Sarah Elizabeth Bourgeois
St. Paul Bourgeois, III
Christina Bourque
Walter Bryant
Karma Champagne

Simon Champagne
Vicki Clement
Ronald Courville
Sandra Lee Cyr
Mrs. Virgis P. Dooley
Gerard Eldridge
Dr. James Falterman, Sr.
Deano Fitch
Jerome Fitch
Mike Foster
Martha Frederick
Linda Freeman
Thomas I. Granger
Frank Guiberteau
Patricia Hammonds
Gary Hebert
Mrs. Gerald "Mary" Hebert
Ronald R. Hebert, Jr.
Sheriff Sid Hebert
Troy Hebert
Angela Lancon
Mrs. Louis Hoover
Jeanerette Historic Commission
Daniel Jeffrey
Hugh Junca
Kenneth Kern
Wayne Labiche
Amanita Lamperez
Mrs. Larry C. Lampo
John Arthur Lancon
Louis & Patty Lancon
Todd Lancon

Darryl Landry
Grace B. Landry
Lori Ann Landry
Will Langlinais
Elizabeth B. Larroque
J. P. Lapeyrouse
Melisa & Lance LeBlanc
Ronald LeBlanc
Loretta Lejeune
Mrs. Ted Legnon
Ted Legnon
Anna Caroline Lorio
Justin Michael Lorio
Elina Motty Long
Dr. Adel Malahmeh
John V. McDaniel
Amy McJunkin
Charles McGowen
Leigh McGowen
Janice Mekash
Monique A. Meyer
Frank Minvielle
Alfred "Freddy" Migues
Mrs. Jerome "Pat" Migues
Joyce Minvielle
George P. Moresi
Pat O'Brien
Peggy Parker
Beth Migues Parsons
Barbara Roane Patout
Judith Patout
Mark Patout

Peter Patout
Robert Patout
Kelly Lorio Perello
Carolyn Roane
William M. Robin, Jr.
Craig Romero
Andre "Red" Rosamond
Kathleen Rosamond
J. B. Rosamond    
Tanya Rosamond
Raymond Shelton
Robert Shelton
Dr. Raymond Schexnayder
Virginia Schexnayder    
Barbara Schwing
Jules "Tony" Schwing
Cameron Simmons, Jr.
Jennifer Simmons
Ronald Sovine
Manon R. (Roger) Venden
Amanda H. Vernon
Arthur L. Verret
Leonard J. Verret
Mary M. Verret    
Annie Landry Viator
Paul Voorhies
Judge Gerard Wattigny
Willie Wilson
Bill Wormser
Nannie Belle Wormser
Richard & Mary Zoleski

(ANNUAL $250 Donation)

Adeline Planting Co.
Bill Desormeaux
Blanchard-Patout, Inc.
Boudreaux Henderson
Cash Way Pharmacy        
Chaney Lumber Co.

Cypremort Point Inc.

Diego Ortega Woodworks
First National Bank
Gus Fabrication
Herman Louviere & Sons    
Iberia Bank
Lejeune's Bakery 
Louviere Brothers, Inc.
M. A. Patout & Son Ltd.

Maison Teche Nursing Home
Dr. Martin J. Degravelle M.D.   Menard Brothers
Midsouth Bank
Neal's Electric
R. W Auerbach
Reliant Energy/CenterPoint

Regions Bank
Ronald R. Hebert, Inc.
Schwing Insurance
Sterling Sugars
St. Mary Sugar Cooperative
The Yellow Bowl


Cox Cable
Frank Beaullieu Sr. LLC.

Iberia Bank
Jeanerette Museum
Jeanerette Historic Commission

Jeanerette Kiwanis Club
Lionel Delcambre VFW P. 8150
Mac's Sugar City Market

Mid South Bank
Reliant Energy/CenterPoint Energy

(donated services)


Arc of Iberia
Boudreaux Henderson CPA

John Bourgeois        
Joey Derouen, Appraiser
Tommy Granger
Hugh Junca

Wayne Labiche & Staff
Darryl Morris, Surveyor
Mary Roane
Lynn Romero Waste
David Suire, Engineer
Richard Zoleki

City of Jeanerette
(Water, Sewer, Garbage, Misc.- public works etc)
Iberia Parish Sheriff Sid Hebert
(Clean up house & grounds, demolish Breaux buildings)

Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal
(Clean, Repair and paint)


City of Jeanerette (Cash Rent/per Coop Agmt)
State Tourism Enhancement Fund

Dept of Environmental Quality (Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund)
Dept of Natural Resources (Atchafalaya Basin Program)


Adeline Planting Co.
Bill Desormeaux
Blanchard-Patout, Inc.
Chaney Lumber Co.
Cypremort Point Inc.

 Diego Ortega Woodworks
First National Bank
Flowerree Foundation
Gus Fabrication
Iberia Bank

M. A. Patout & Son Ltd.
Mac's Sugar City Market

Menard Brothers
Neal's Electric
Reily Foundation

Reliant Energy/CenterPoint Energy
Ronald R. Hebert, Inc.
Schwing Insurance
St. Mary Sugar Cooperative